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"Out of all the years in this hustle and cutthroat industry, Savanna has reminded me why I got into this business in the first place. It's nice to hear such a high level vocal talent return to the arena! Stay tuned world for this amazing artist to arrive, you won't be disappointed!

Jerry McCormick

Vice President, 360Wise 

Savanna Lee

In addition to operating an entire production pipeline from songwriting to composing to mixing, SavannaQ maintains relationships with some of the best designers, marketers, videographers, and other professionals throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States.

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Touring choir and operatic turned pop singer from Gainesville

Quincy Miller

Homegrown Florida composer, songwriter, artist, and producer

A wealth of traveling choir and opera singing experience gives Savanna Lee a unique and sublime voice in the contemporary pop scene.

Starting from a young age as a choir singer, the core of Savanna’s journey is a desire to bring a peaceful, uplifting message to listeners.


As the lead singer of SavannaQ,
she empowers kaleidoscopic instrumentation with flowing vocals to produce impassioned compositions. Savanna draws inspiration from her voice teachers and time spent touring Europe's historic cathedrals.

A son of the underground reggae scene, Quincy Miller is an artist and producer stretching his hands far beyond many contemporaries to build an eclectic catalog of sounds.

The composer, lead songwriter, and engineer behind the experimental pop duo SavannaQ, Quincy builds
his own patterns from a chaotic orchestra of instrumentation.


Quincy’s long stint as a touring guitarist and songwriter left him with a hunger to create complex arrangements that speak to the human experience both in the studio and on the stage.

"SavannaQ is the most gifted and enchanting unsigned 

duo I've ever met, at their roots, in my life... Their exceptional talent, energy of their vibrations, and synchronicity of their journey, is uplifting and will lead them to super stardom. I just know.

Gina Vincenza Van Epps

Celebrity Stylist & Designer 

"Quincy is a shining light in the music industry. His musical intuition and integrity has always stood out to me after over fifteen years as an engineer and producer in the industry.

James Wisner

Music Producer 

Image by Muneeb Syed

Well-Oiled, Music-Making Machine

Waiting isn't our strong suit. We feed off a combination of natural and urban energy to create sophisticated, inspiring, and spontaneous sounds using a streamlined, modern approach to making music, bringing every component in-house or working with the best to make it happen. To us, music is a spiritual experience.


We get it from anyone, anywhere, and we want to bring it to listeners and musicians alike. Car rides, exciting experiences, the spiritual, and the psychological are some of our biggest influences.


The best laid plans start with knowing your sound. SavannaQ can create understated or painstakingly produced tracks alike to deliver something unique every time.


Even those best laid plans can need a little work. Using state-of-the-art audio engineering technology, editing, mixing, and mastering are a cinch for us and our partners.


Give the people what they want. We're active on social media, offering a real look into how we make it happen, and are always developing a portfolio of music to share. Our goal is to uplift and inspire!



Savanna Q

Savanna Q

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